What is Gwendana

About Gwendana

Named after my late mother, Gwendolyn Williams, "The World of Gwendana" is a journey into the world of fantasy and fine art. A creative outlet blending multiple genres of photography, it is an exploration of digital art, costuming, and story telling that shares fantastical tales and fables from other worlds.

Through this project, I hope to share something truly unique that evokes our own inner sense of wonder. Here, you will find photostories from my "Gwendana" series as well as a collection of my collaborations with costumers, prop-makers, cosplayers, and other creative professionals.

I have long been fascinated by story-telling through imagery. Whether it is stunning vistas, elaborate costuming, or ethereal concepts, I hope to portray worlds of infinite possibility.

About Gwendolyn Williams

In 2014, my mother, Gwendolyn Williams passed away from pancreatic cancer.  An amazing mother, wife, friend, and human being, Gwen was an inspiration and vibrant light to all those around her.  Selfless in her everyday life, she was a bedrock to her community and always looking for ways to help those around her. She was an incredibly important person to all who knew her and she provided me guidance, love, and wisdom as I grew both as a person and as a photographer.  

To honor her memory, I began Gwendana.  Upon her passing, photography became a key instrument in moving forward.  The art of capturing images became a driving force and focusing element in my life, giving me passion and happiness in less than positive times.  As I began to experiment with fine art and fantasy photography it became more clear that I could use this passion to build something beautiful while honoring this great woman.  While her light has gone out in this world, the Gwendana project has become a way to ensure that her own legacy lives on.

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